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本文摘要:Technology reviewers are running out of superlatives to describe just how good it is. But theyre not talking about the latest from Apple. Theyre talking about an Android: the HTC One. HTCs new flagship phone is due April 19 for $199 with a contract.技术项目管理人士争相举起大拇指,但他们弗的可不是苹果公司(Apple)的最新款手机,而是来自HTC(宏达电)的Android手机One。


Technology reviewers are running out of superlatives to describe just how good it is. But theyre not talking about the latest from Apple. Theyre talking about an Android: the HTC One. HTCs new flagship phone is due April 19 for $199 with a contract.技术项目管理人士争相举起大拇指,但他们弗的可不是苹果公司(Apple)的最新款手机,而是来自HTC(宏达电)的Android手机One。HTC这款全新主打产品将于4月19日面市,合约价为199美元。By many, many, many, many accounts it is one the best phones ever made -- and possibly the model that is finally better than an iPhone. Take a close look at what theyre are raving about.很多项目管理者都回应,HTC One是目前为止最篮的机型之一,而且有可能打破了iPhone。

想到这些项目管理者究竟怎么说的吧。Design设计:金玉其外HTC has wrapped the One in premium materials. No chintzy plastics here. Its case is carved from a single piece of aluminum. The phone, which is 0.36 inches thick and weighs about 5 ounces, is available in silver or black.HITC的One 手机外部使用高档材料,而非廉价的塑料。


它的外壳是由一整块铝精雕细琢而出。手机薄0.36英寸、重约5盎司(大约142克),有银色、黑色两种颜色可选。Impressive internals配备:卓尔不凡Inside, the phone features a Qualcomm (QCOM, Fortune 500) Snapdragon 600 Quad-Core processor running at 1.7 Ghz and 2 GBs of RAM, putting it on the high end of the Android spectrum. (Samsungs upcoming Galaxy S4 features the same processor running at a slightly faster speed.) Internal storage comes in at 32GB or 64GB. One knock: Theres no SD card for storage expansion.这款手机配备了高通(Qualcomm)骁龙600四核处理器,运营速度为1.7GHz,内存为2 GB,在一众Android手机中十分出众。

【三星(Samsung)将要发售的Galaxy S4手机使用了同系列处理器,只不过运营速度稍慢。】One将发售32GB和64GB两个版本。不过有一点玩笑:没SD卡,因此无法不断扩大存储量。A gorgeous display表明:光彩照人The HTC One has a 4.7-inch screen at 1080p resolution, a.k.a. 1920x1080 pixels. Thats pretty much standard in this class of phones, but it squeezes an impressive 468 pixels-per-inch -- more than the S4 or Apples iPhone -- for crisper images and sharper text.HTC One手机使用4.7英寸屏,分辨率为1080p,即1920x1080像素。

虽然这在这个等级的手机中完全是标配,但它屏幕每英寸像素数高达468——比Galaxy S4以及苹果iPhone还低,因而图像和文字都更为明晰。Good sound声音:绕梁三日Like laptops, most smartphones dont normally come with great speakers. HTCs answer is so-called BoomSound dual stereo speakers. The name may be silly, but this Beats-designed setup sets the device apart. Crucially, the Ones two speakers are on the front of the device, not the back or sides.同平板电脑一样,大多数智能手机的扬声器一般来说都不怎么样。然而HTC One使用了所谓的BoomSound双单声道扬声器。

虽然BoomSound这个名字有点屌,但这项由数字音响厂商Beats设计的功能令One手机卓尔不凡。最重要的是,它的两个扬声器都在手机的正面,而非背面或侧面。There are some drawbacks严重不足:白璧微瑕The One runs Android Jelly Bean, Googles (GOOG, Fortune 500) latest, but HTCs own software, dubbed Sense 5.0, operates on top. It features a new type of home screen, Blinkfeed, that draws on content from social feeds like Facebook and Twitter. Some people love it, some people dont.One配备了谷歌(Google)Android近期版本——果冻豆,但HTC同时还配备了自家软件Sense 5.0。这款手机使用了一种新的主屏幕类型——Blinkfeed,从Facebook和Twitter等社交网络上提取内容。


至于说道这是好是怕,就见仁见智了。And a so-so camera摄像头:差强人意The One packs a 4 megapixel camera, bucking the trend of cramming in increasingly more powerful cameras. (Samsungs S4 will feature a 13 megapixel camera by comparison). Instead, HTC says its camera is an Ultrapixel device, promising that the sensor pixels are twice as big as they are in most phone cameras. That means they gather more light, making for better low-light shots. In practice, resulting photos are a mixed bag.HTC One手机仅有配备了400万像素的摄像头,一鼓吹手机摄像头像素更加低的潮流。(相比之下,三星Galaxy S4手机将使用1300万像素摄像头)。






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