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本文摘要:In this day and age, if you want a holiday romance the airports selection of steamy fiction isnt your only option.如今这年头,你若是想想场假日爱情,看机场书店的色情小说可会是你唯一的自由选择。


In this day and age, if you want a holiday romance the airports selection of steamy fiction isnt your only option.如今这年头,你若是想想场假日爱情,看机场书店的色情小说可会是你唯一的自由选择。Dating app Tinder, which preaches a swipe right approach to finding love at the touch of a screen, has been calculating the best cities to cosy up with a local.手机约会软件Tinder声称,用于此款软件时只需将手指在屏幕上向右一划出才可寻找爱情对象。

这款应用于也正在统计资料当地人最易恋情的几大城市。In a list of 15, the start-up found that London is the top spot for a vacation fling beating the city of love Paris, which came in at second, and New York which scored third place.排行榜单下有15个城市,其中伦敦位列榜首,是假日爱情的最佳胜地,战胜列位第二的“爱情都市”巴黎,纽约则名列第三。Using a feature called Passport, which subscribers pay for, the phone application allows tourists to meet and match with users in other cities.通过收费转录用于“护照”功能后,这款应用于将自动给定旅客和其他城市的用户。This function makes setting up dates with residents before you reach your next vacation a lot easier.这一功能使得你在下个假日来临前才可决定好与当地居民的约会,极为便捷。

This mode, which launched last year, allows eager travellers to pin drop their location at anywhere in the world.这一模式于去年发售,它使得旅游狂热者需要在世界各地“结帐”。Once youve dropped your pin your feed will be automatically filled with locals from that area.你一点下结帐键,屏幕上就不会自动冒出有许多当地人的结帐印迹。

By measuring the top destinations for the Passport feature to be used around the world, Tinder calculated the list.Tinder应用于通过世界各地都在用于的护照(Passport)功能统计资料出有几大最佳目的地,由此所列这一排行榜单。The other popular cities for Passport users on Tinder include Berlin, Moscow, Stockholm, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Melbourne L.A., Auckland and Dublin.在Tinder上广不受“护照”用户青睐的城市还有:柏林、莫斯科、斯德哥尔摩、里约热内卢、悉尼、巴塞罗那、布宜诺斯艾利斯、墨尔本、洛杉矶、奥克兰和都柏林。


Though they say all roads lead to Rome, the Italian city came in 15th, which was last place.尽管人们说道条条大路通罗马,但是意大利的城市却在排行榜上夹了底。While the passport service could be used to initiate dates in advance, it is also being used as a travel guide with Tinder swipers taking advantage of the chance to pick up tips from the residents and to find out about local neighbourhoods.“护照”功能某种程度可用作提早决定约会碰头,也可当作旅游指南,Tinder用户可利用与当地居民交流的机会提供旅游进击,从而找到当地独有风情之地。Certain destinations have seen spikes in activity. For instance, as the Olympics near, Rio de Janeiro has seen an increase in traffic by 10 percent.榜单上的某些地区已步入旅游高峰。如里约热内卢,随着奥运会邻近,里约的交通量已下跌了10%。


Areas with smaller permanent populations also see their users rise during holiday season, like Toronto, which has increased 44 percent and Bali, which has grown by 60 percent.在假期间,一些常住人口较较少地区的用户也见涨。比如多伦多用户已下跌了44%,巴厘岛也下跌了60%。The Passport service is an additional paid-for add-on and is used by more than 1million Tinder Plus subscribers.“护照”功能是Tinder所可选的收费用于功能,目前有数多达100万的Tinder PlusUltra用户用于。



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