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本文摘要:Its the most expensive cheese in the world, produced by just one farm in Serbia, but donkey cheese could be the next cult food item.驴奶酪是世界上最便宜的奶酪,全球仅有塞尔维亚一家农场生产,但其未来将会沦为新一代冷玉女食品。


Its the most expensive cheese in the world, produced by just one farm in Serbia, but donkey cheese could be the next cult food item.驴奶酪是世界上最便宜的奶酪,全球仅有塞尔维亚一家农场生产,但其未来将会沦为新一代冷玉女食品。Although incredibly rare, the cheese is being hailed as a health food thanks to its nutritional value - donkey milk is exceptionally high in protein, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, which in turn are extremely good for maintaining cardiovascular health.虽然极为珍贵,但因其营养价值,驴奶酪被称作身体健康食品——驴奶的蛋白质、钙质和欧米伽3脂肪酸含量都出现异常地高,这对维持心血管身体健康大有裨益。With more and more people claiming to have an intolerance to cows milk and cheese, the donkey alternative is becoming an increasingly attractive option.随着更加多的人自称为有牛奶和牛奶酪不耐受性症,驴奶酪也更加热门。However donkey cheeses hefty price tag means its unlikely youre going to see it on the shelves of your local Sainsburys any time soon - the cheese costs 880 per kilo.然而,驴奶酪高昂的价格意味著它近期不太可能经常出现在你当地的塞恩斯伯里超市货架上——因为它每千克的售价为880英镑。


Slobodan Simi is the worlds only producer of donkey cheese - he does it all on his farm in Zasavica, 50 miles west of the Serbian capital Belgrade.斯洛博丹.西米奇是全球驴奶酪唯一的生产商——他在坐落于塞尔维亚大城贝尔格莱德西边50英里处的扎撒维卡农场已完成全部生产过程。Despite starting out with just 12 donkeys 16 years ago, Simis herd has now grown to nearly 300. The reason the cheese, known as pule, is so expensive is that it takes 25 litres of fresh donkey milk to make a single litre of cheese.16年前,西米奇意味着有12头驴,而如今农场的牲畜数量已相似300。驴奶酪,即“普勒”奶酪如此便宜的原因在于25升至新鲜驴奶仅有能作出1升至奶酪。

Whats more, donkeys produce a lot less milk than cows or goats to start with.另外,驴的产奶量比奶牛或山羊要较少得多。On Simi’s farm, the female donkeys are milked by hand three times a day.在西米奇的农场,每天要给母驴手工挤迫3次奶。



But the difficulty in creating cheese lies in the fact that donkey milk doesnt have enough casein to coagulate - how Simi gets around this is a closely-guarded secret.但生产驴奶酪的艰难在于驴奶的酪蛋白严重不足,无法凝成奶酪——至于其秘方,西米奇恪守如瓶。Although not many people in the world have tasted the rare cheese, it is said to be similar to Manchego with a rich, nutty, earthy flavour and a crumbly texture.尽管世界上尝过稀奇的驴奶酪的人并不多,但据传,其与曼彻戈奶酪相近,味道浓烈很深,有坚果口味和乡土味道,且口感松脆。One person who is a fan of the filling cheese, however, is Novak Djokovic, who was a few years ago reported to have bought the whole supply, a claim he denied.网球名将诺瓦克.德约科维奇就是驴奶酪的疯狂爱好者之一。

据报导,他曾在几年前买回所有的驴奶酪。但他回应不予坚称。And if legend is to be believed, Queen Cleopatra was also a fan - she is said to have bathed in asses milk to maintain her beauty.如果古埃及传说是可靠的话,埃及克利奥帕特拉克利奥佩特拉也钟情于驴奶酪——据信她用驴奶洗浴以使容颜永驻。Donkey milk has a number of health benefits which make it superior to cows milk - it has 60 times as much vitamin C as the more common milk.驴奶的身体健康益处数不胜数,使之高于牛奶——其维C含量是普通牛奶的60倍。

Donkey milk also has anti-allergen properties and is just 1% fat.驴奶还所含抗过敏物质,而且脂肪含量仅有占到1%。Whats more, its been claimed that consuming even just a tiny amount daily can help tackle asthma and bronchitis.另外,据信只要每日食用少量驴奶就有助化疗哮喘和支气管炎。But unless it becomes cheaper to produce, its unlikely donkey cheese is going to give the wider population a health-boost any time soon.然而,若其价格仍然居高不下,驴奶酪的身体健康价值也无法早日惠及大众。



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